The “Bio-Trimmings” line raises awareness about global food waste issues while doing its part to prevent food waste from entering landfills.


Every day, millions of pounds of food are sent to landfills around the world, but one fashion designerhas come up with a clever way to remove some ofthat uneaten food from the waste stream. London- based designer Hoyan IP turns leftover bits of food into belt buckles, buttons, and other useful accessories.
Bio-Trimmings believes in crafting for the future of design and sustainability using science. By making beautiful jewelry & accessories from inedible food compounds, mainly from fruit & vegetable components, the team is passionate about making eco-friendly, re-purposed materials to make a powerful, beautiful, fashion statement.

Each feature is individually handcrafted to create a beautiful, statement piece that promotes the endless possibilities and pushes boundaries of what can be achieved within fashion, from typically discarded materials.

Presented with recycled sterling silver, using materials sourced from UK suppliers, positive, ethicaland sustainable practice are central.
British-born fashion designer, Hoyan Ip is the founder of Bio-Trimmings. It is the result of a passion for jewellery-making and a desire to prompt positive change in the fashion industry. It is her connection with the vibrant and fast-paced world of fashion, alongside a love of art, architecture, nature and contemporary culture, that serves as constant sources of inspiration for the brand.
Bio-Trimmings was founded in 2012, was first showcased during London Fashion Week as a collection of unique, sustainable, fashion trimmings such as buttons and buckles all handcrafted from inedible food extracts.
In addition to the Bio-Trimmings collection, Hoyan Ip has developed more to the range including unique pieces of jewelry, handbags, accessories and bouquets to add to the collection of products made from wasted food which have the advantages of being mould-free, of our-free and meat-free as well as being a statement fashion piece.


This project is addresses to: fashion industry, individual user.


  • anyone can make these products at home
  • with small objects it makes us understand the problem of food waste


  • jewels that everyone does not like
  • someone could be disgusted by wearing food