The purpose of Cogumelo Gourmet is to realise a packaging that can also be used as a container for mushrooms that will then be consumed by the user. In this way it is possible to have a reusable jar in order to grow one’s mushrooms in an ecological way.


The Cultive Uma Ideia is a producer of organic gourmet mushrooms that can be grown, harvested and prepared in your kitchen. 

One morning two biology masters arrived at the agency with a strange bag in their hands. They wanted to take risks in the business world and had some market references. It was a fact that they knew that from that bag a type of edible mushroom would be born, widely used in gourmet cooking. Everyone in the agency was happy to be able to plant their own mushroom at home. 

The main purpose was to sell the experience of watering, seeing birth and gathering one’s food, providing an almost non-existent moment in the routine of large urban centers. And turn a bag like that into a salable product experience. From the choice of the name, the color palette, the archetype of the brand, to the construction of the sign, everything was built in great harmony with the partners.

The packaging structure was created in kraft paper, ecologically correct, with the corners folded in a geometric format to facilitate the use of the glue slightly during its closure. Printing, using only the black color, guarantees the contrast for the information and helps to maintain the temperature inside the package. When the top cover is removed, the package is used as a jar and it is possible to replace only the internal refill to start a new crop, since it can be opened and closed several times thanks to its lateral closure. 

A strap, printed on a paper with more shine and color, closes the package and allows customization for the other types of mushrooms in the company, without having to print a completely new package, in addition to making the set more beautiful and visually balanced.

The purpose of the product is to create a new vase that can contain the product that the consumer will eat and also allow the process to be repeated once the crop is finished.

In this way not only you will have a completely new and revolutionary container, but also of excellent appearance.


This project is addresses to: food industry.


  • Aware of the origin of the product that is consumed
  • Less plastic consumption
  • Less waste thanks to a reusable product
  • Entirely ecological product


  • Less sale of this type of mushrooms in the market, as everyone can grow them at home


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