Duedilatte wants to create collections with passion, determination and a touch of madness in which to merge experiences and aspirations, innovation and research, without ever losing sight of one’s roots. It is this philosophy that inspires DueDiLatte, born with the aim of combining a unique design with milk and soft tissues, caressing, nourishing and moisturizing the skin.


DueDilatte is the currently most innovative Italian brand in the fashion scene. The uniqueness and strong identity are dictated by the fabric used to produce the garments in the collection. We create our extraordinary innovative fabric from milk casein. Soft and light, the milk fabric is resistant and moisturizing, able to take care of the skin giving it a pleasant sensation of hydration. The incredible idea of transforming milk into quality fabric is made possible thanks to the most innovative bioengineering techniques. The fiber, atthe heart of the fabric, is obtained by creating it with a sustainable and eco-friendly recycling process starting from the industrial surpluses of the food sectors. Casein is separated from serum, isolated,denatured and subsequently transformed into fiber. The fiber is spun and the thread thus obtained istransformed into fabric.


The garments made by DueDiLatte combine fashion, quality and well-being and for this reason they are suitable for women, men, children and babies. The DueDiLatte project is not only a manifestation of beauty through the aesthetics of the garments, but also represents an ethical habitus, capable of carrying forward sustainable practices in the fashion sector.


Unlike synthetic polymers such as polyesters, acrylics, polyamides which are generally used in the production of yarns and fabrics, milk fiber has extraordinary properties guaranteed by the presence of casein amino acids. This protein is a natural polymer, or rather, a substance composed of a chain of simpler molecules called monomers. This chemical structure guarantees mechanical strength and the possibility of transforming the compound of the raw material into yarn. In addition  to these properties, common to wool and cotton, milk fiber has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other fibers. First of all it is an excellent thermal insulator while remaining breathable, and guarantees the absorption of humidity; in addition it is hypoallergenic and has a very high bacteriostatic power capable of inhibiting bacterial proliferation.


The DueDiLatte team has selected a series of material mixes to give each fabric specific characteristics. For example, 100% Milk Whole MilkFabric has a fiber that has a weight 10% lower than silk and 13% lower than polyester, is hypoallergenic and guarantees rapid absorption of sweat leaving the body cool and dry thanks to its thermo-regulatory properties. The Partially Skimmed Milk, 60% Milk 40% Micro modal variant derives from non-genetically modified plants, grown without the use of chemicals, but only with natural products that do not harm the environment. DOUBLE 60% Milk 40% Micromodal -100% Cotton Milk Cream Fabric fiber is characterized by a honeycomb structure that increases its specificsurface, and therefore the ability to quickly absorb moisture, dispersing it.


This project is addresses to: fashion industry, preferably the underwear fashion sector.


+ promote a new material without the use of toxic materials

+ promote a circular economy model for waste processes improve waste reduction

+ dissemination of sustainable practices

+ combining fashion, quality and well-being

+ eco-friendly features throughout the production process


– replace and improve traditional materials for the fashion industry with this new sustainable and recyclable product