La Regüerta


Nació para contribuir con su actividad a un nuevo sistema de desarrollo territorial basado en un modelo agroalimentario ecológico alternativo, especialmente en el ámbito de la comarca del Aljarafe.


The RegÜerta EcolÓgica is an ethical and eco-friendly consumption group of people (40 families) on the Aljarafe Area. The meeting point is located on the Public Park of the municipality of Gines. The RegÚerta Ecologica is a group of organic consumers who gathers forty families interested in new forms of consumption, social relations, and to preserve the land in the Seville´s Metropolitan Area. This consumers group started its activity in 2009. Its aim links citizens outraged movements against the economic crisis and an ethical and responsible consumption. La ReqÜerta EcolÓgica support and buy organic products of three farms in the metropolitan area so they can maintain their activity and set limits to urban sprawll and to highways and other infrastructure development. To address the consequences of these dynamics La RegÚerta EcolÓgica has incorporated farmers associations and local authorities.

In addition to the sale of agricultural organic products are developed a set of parallel activities:

Mercado AgroEcológico del Aljarafe. It takes place the third Saturday of each month. Involves organic farmers and producers from Seville´s province. Sale of organic products and food together with outreach activities. Recreational and leisure activities are organized together with educational ones adressed to reinforce networking.

CooperActiva, an ambitious project that aims to promote the cooperative venture. Covers the organization and collaboration for training, ecotourism and social entrepreneurship.

Agricultural heritage recovery. La RegÜerta EcolÓgica collaborates with local partners to rebuild the Oil Mill of Gines. The group’s headquarters is located at the Stork Tower, an historical building (silo) that has been renovated.


This project or place involves: citizen groups, communities or non-profit organisations and public authorities.


  • social or community goals/benefits
  • economic goals/benefits
  • educational goals/benefits


  • complex work of management and organization of works and subjects
RegÜerta EcolÓgica
RegÜerta EcolÓgica
RegÜerta EcolÓgica
RegÜerta EcolÓgica
RegÜerta EcolÓgica
RegÜerta EcolÓgica
RegÜerta EcolÓgica