Micosylva is a technical scientific project which aims to promote in Europe a multifunctional and sustainable management of forest areas integrating and enhancing the ecological and socioeconomic functions of edible wild mushrooms.
The project, presented under the title “silvicultural management hills producing edible wild fungi of socio – economic interest as a source of rural development” is co – financed by the European Union within the Community Initiative Interreg Sudoe IV B. The total project budget is around 1.9 million euros.


The Micosylva project aims to meet two needs. On the one hand, it has been found that plans for forest management do not consider fungi, despite its importance in tree nutrition, growth and protection against soil pathogens. On the other hand, it has been found that most forest managers do not consider the fact that the production of mushrooms in a forest depend, for example, reforestation certain conditions.
Micosylva aims to raise awareness and adopt good management principles to solve these situations.

Not to forget that 95 percent of vascular plants live in symbiosis with associated fungal species. Mushrooms provide great benefits to the trees and they in turn ensure the persistence of the former. Ultimately, participants of this association can not live apart, so favor one’s favor all.

To establish new management rules to ensure sustainability and multifunctionality of forests and their exploitation Micosylva is proposed:

1. Create an international network between researchers, scientists and technicians, who advise after managers of the mountains.
2. Create a network of micosilvodemostrativas plots. They have launched 18 experimental devices reflecting the main European forest systems Southwest to explain in practice fungal silviculture.
3. Develop a technical manual setting out the criteria to successfully integrate the management of forests and wild edible fungi
4. Create and implement programs and tools for training current and future managers of the natural environment and for running environmental education of young people.
5. Spreading information on fungal silviculture.

To achieve these results have established six working groups:

GT0. Project preparation
GT1. Coordination and project management
GT2. Creating a common device micosilvodemostrativos mountains in space SUDOE
GT3. Definition and preparation of a technical manual micoselvicultura
GT4. Actions technical training and environmental education
GT5. Monitoring and evaluation
GT6. Advertising, information and capitalization of the project


What he wants Micosylva is to extend this concept of integrated forest management, proposing and transmitting owners, managers, foresters and other stakeholders, criteria for forest management that take into account the ideal conditions for development of both trees as edible wild mushrooms.


  • protect forest systems
  • ensure the sustainability and multifunctionality of forests
  • inform and educate on the management of mycoselviculture
  • increase and improve local biodiversity
  • improve the existing relationship between society and nature


  • disseminate results to users
  • control the actions in the field of investigation
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