To overcome the problems caused by traditional takeaway sandwich packaging, which is usually not practical, this innovative packaging was created.


The packaging is configured as a triangular case that can be opened centrally through pre-cuts in the die. In this way it is resistant and safe to transport but can be easily opened and handled during use; by widening the three points it is also possible to place it on a table or a surface, so as not to have to hold it. The communication choice exploits the appeal of food paper, in its natural color or in a pastel color, and uses a simple label to report the name of the brand and the essential information for a fresh take-away product.

Møller/Barnekow is a fictional well-established sandwich bar that for many years have been offering high quality sandwiches and salads with locally produced ingredients. They have now chosen to expand their range, and will offer high quality wraps. To buy a wrap in folded paper easily gets messy and greasy and is hard to eat in a simple way. Møller/Barnekows packaging for wraps is easy to open, carry with you and eat from it on the go.


“Style and smart of the go”. Their mission was to create a packaging that aligns perfectly with a current lifestyle trend: meals that are eaten on the go, straight of the pack. They created a concept that includes a stylish and smart on-the-go meal packaging solution.


Usually, wraps are delivered in thin folded paper. You don’t know which end to start eating and everything gets messy and greasy. They wanted to find a solution that gives you the feel of high quality and makes know exactly how to eat it.

Target group

Møller/Barnekow’s target group is women and men from 30-60 years of age with healthy lifestyle. They have style and put value in things with good quality. Such as their sport equipment and their furniture at home. They appreciate fine food with good ingredients and have the possibility to spend money on it.


Møller/Barnekow finds their target group at finer sport events such as Tennis week in Båstad, Sweden and the golf tournament Nordea Masters in Bara, Sweden. They have therefore chosen to work with these kind of events to promote their new product. 

On these events, there are people who appreciate fine food and are happy to spend a few extra krowns to get it. Møller/Barnekow is doing the advertising for the product in collaboration with the events by advertising on billboards and advertising pillars. 

The product will be sold in a finer tent where there is opportunity for mingle and enjoy the food on the go.


This project is addresses to: food industry.


  • Convenience to eat a sandwich even while walking
  • If you put the product in your bag, there is no risk of greasing the contents
  • It is possible to insert three different types of sandwich inside the same packaging


  • The material may not keep the product well for extended periods of time
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